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Rental Venues for all Kinds of Events at Boquete

Hacienda Los Molinos Hotel is the ideal place for the celebration of your most important events.

A great celebration depends on how well you take care of some important aspects prior to the event such as,

The music: Will it be music of a single artist, an orchestra or a DJ? Will dance music be played?

The decoration: Will there be balloons, flowers, chocolate fountains, high brightness and vivid colours?

The food:  Will it be more of gourmet or traditional? Will there be vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes? How to take account of the guests’ diets and conditions?

The drinks: Will there be alcoholic beverages or not? Will we make a toast? Will we have pop or soda?

Certainly, for those details to turn out as expected, it is key to rent a good venue and hire an excellent service with the capacity to help you make the best choices for every aspect of your celebration.

Characteristics of a Good Venue

Venues are key for the celebration success; they are the setting of the dreamy party that you have planned for months. Therefore, the correct setting of the event is essential.

Some qualities of a good venue are:

  • Accessible for people with disabilities, pregnant women, the elderly and children of all ages.
  • Proximity to parking areas
  • Good lighting both artificial and natural, ideally with large windows overlooking wonderful views.
  • An elegant but comfortable sense of aesthetics that invites people to stay rather than leave early.
  • Spacious enough as to allow for dancing, eating at peace, and moving about the tables.
  • Air-conditioned whether naturally or artificially.
  • Internet Access to facilitate the organisers’ job.
  • Top class acoustics, so that listeners can enjoy the music, the speeches or the presentations with maximum punch.
  • Dressing rooms.
  • Quick access to toilets (restrooms).
  • The necessary furnishings. Some venues include tables and chairs. Others simply do not; therefore, these must be rented separately.
  • And last but not least: cleanliness and order are among the key aspects. The venue must look flawless.
Alquiler de salones de eventos en Boquete para todo tipo de actividad

The Venue for Your Celebrations in Panama

Indeed, at Los Molinos Hotel, we have specialised in offering a variety of venues that best suits your event:

  • Conferences
  • Retreats
  • Weddings
  • Quinceañeras
  • Anniversaries or birthdays
  • First communion parties, christenings or graduations
  • Bridal parties or Hen parties

Spacious Venues for Business and Social Events in Panama

We specialise in providing support in the organization of corporate events or any type of business activities, requiring our platform to promote your products or services, serve your clients or take your sales brand to the next level.

Our service is designed for events of at least 10 people. It includes a coffee break, lunch with a drink included, audio-visual equipment and even round-trip transport to David.

In addition to having extensive experience, we are known for holding high values like excellence, commitment, personalised service, and friendliness that go beyond our customers’ expectations.

Furthermore, we can give you advice on how to design your anniversary party or family reunion with such fun and charm that it will be appealing to both adults and children.

We guaranty that our comprehensive service will allow you to experience a unique event with the best gastronomy, music and decoration of your choice.

We offer special rates for your guests, including the decoration, flower arrangements, menus, entertainment and a variety of activities.

Contac us if you would like to make a reservation or get to know more about us.  We have already opened the calendar of events for 2023. Don’t miss out on your space!

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