Are you a lover of a variety of gastronomic treats? If so, Raices Restaurant is your best option.

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Have you ever tried a Pacific and Caribbean fusion of flavours on a single dish? If you haven’t, this is your chance to embark on a culinary adventure across the gastronomic variety of Panama and there is no better place to do it than at Raices restaurant.

Spa Benefits for Mental and Physical Health

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Here at Hotel Hacienda Los Molinos we like to run the extra mile by offering you an experience that goes beyond the best lodging place in Panama.

Exotic Destination for the Honeymoon of Your Dreams: Los Molinos Hotel is Your Best Option

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The honeymoon is a special moment to celebrate your love and start a new life together. If you are looking for both an exotic and romantic destination, look no further.

Are you a coffee lover? Treat your palate with our fully personalized coffee tour

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Legend has it that coffee was brought to Panama in 1742 from the French Antilles that is, from the little known Martinique Island. However, it wasn’t until 1780 when the first coffee plantation in Panamanian territory was ever recorded.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Spend a Week in Chiriquí

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It is no accident that Chiriquí is one of the best-known tourist destinations in Panama. It is the ideal place to stay while spending a dreamy holiday for a week or more.

Boquete: Discover the Best Destination near David

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Located in Chiriquí, Panamá, Boquete is one of those places you must visit, because it offers opportunities for entertainment, rest and connection to nature.

Rental Venues for all Kinds of Events at Boquete

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Hacienda Los Molinos Hotel is the ideal place for the celebration of your most important events. A great celebration depends on how well you take care of some important aspects prior to the event such as.

A Lodge surrounded by nature: Come and visit Los Molinos Hotel

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Hacienda Los Molinos Boutique Hotel is a dream place where all of us would like to stay. It is a sophisticated, coszy place, surrounded by nature: the ideal retreat from the hustle and bustle.

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