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Enjoy Nature and a Variety of Gastronomic Treats While Visiting Hacienda Los Molinos

BY Hacienda Los Molinos January 19, 2024 ,,,,,,

In the heart of Chiriquí, Panamá, lies an oasis of charm and refinement: Hacienda Los Molinos Boutique Hotel in Alto Boquete. This unique destination combines to perfection the lush nature surrounding its facilities with a gastronomic proposal that captives the most discerning palates.

Enjoy this End of Year with Our Special Activities

BY Hacienda Los Molinos November 22, 2023 ,,,,,,

The end of the year is coming, and Hacienda Los Molinos Boutique Hotel in Boquete, Panama, is getting ready to receive visitors with a variety of exciting events to bid farewell to this year in a unique way.

Pairing: The Perfect Blend of Exquisite Food, Drinks and Atmosphere

BY Hacienda Los Molinos October 16, 2023 ,,,,,

At Raices Restaurant, food lovers are offered a culinary adventure, in which flavours, aromas and atmosphere come together to create memorable experiences.

Are you a coffee lover? Treat your palate with our fully personalized coffee tour

BY Hacienda Los Molinos March 30, 2023 ,,,,,

Legend has it that coffee was brought to Panama in 1742 from the French Antilles that is, from the little known Martinique Island. However, it wasn’t until 1780 when the first coffee plantation in Panamanian territory was ever recorded.

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