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Are you a coffee lover? Treat your palate with our fully personalized coffee tour

Legend has it that coffee was brought to Panama in 1742 from the French Antilles that is, from the little known Martinique Island. However, it wasn’t until 1780 when the first coffee plantation in Panamanian territory was ever recorded.

Later on, in the mid-1850’s, coffee was brought to the Province of Chiriquí and planted here in mid-altitude areas.

As told by The Coffee Forum aimed at the Barista industry: “At that time Panama was under the control of Colombia. Upon seeing the success of both Colombian and Costa Rican coffee exports, several Panamanian families embarked in the plantation of coffee in high-attitude mountains with a temperate climate.  This is how groups of settlers arrived at Boquete and established the first coffee plantations, some of which are still running today.”

Ever since, coffee has become a part of the history of economic growth and exports in Panama, tantalizing the taste buds of thousands of people worldwide.

Tourists Savor Panamanian Coffee While Enjoying the View of Baru Volcano

Indeed, our customers from around the world infinitely appreciate savoring a good Panamanian coffee while enjoying the view of the mountains from Los Molinos Hacienda in Boquete, Panama.

Thus, we offer you the Coffee Experience at our Coffee Shop, where we tell our visitors all about the history of the coffee we are to make as well as the preparation tips and benefits of each variety.

In addition, we will prepare your coffee to your taste with no sweeteners or other substances added.

Tourists Savor Panamanian Coffee While Enjoying the View of Baru Volcano

The Coffee Experience at Los Molinos Hotel, Panama

Coffee is deeply rooted in Panama’s history.  With us, you will learn all about the crop, the harvest, the different types of berries, the areas where many people think the best coffee in Panama is grown, the storage process and the process of turning the beans into a delicious and authentic drink that cannot be missing on the table of all Panamanians.  This experience ends with a tasting of our two best coffee preparations that you can accompany with dishes of unique flavors, which will be a real treat to your palate.

We are waiting for you at the best hotel in Boquete, where we will make sure you will have a dreamy stay.

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