Hacienda Los Molinos

Pairing: The Perfect Blend of Exquisite Food, Drinks and Atmosphere

At Raices Restaurant, food lovers are offered a culinary adventure, in which flavours, aromas and atmosphere come together to create memorable experiences.

At our  Hacienda Los Molinos Boutique Hotel, there is the epitome of Panamanian gastronomy with a hint of sophistication. Here, all details are meticulously taken care of, so that every bite and every sip will be more of a unique experience than just another meal.

Pairing: The Art of Combining Flavours

Pairing is an art that entails much more than just simply pairing a type of wine with a dish; it is about finding the perfect harmony between the flavours, aromas, food texture and drinks.

And here, at Raices, this form of art is taken to a whole new level. In fact, each dish is designed to be paired with the drink that best enhances its flavors.

Can you imagine savouring a fresh Panamanian ceviche with some crisp, dry white wine, enhancing its most critical notes?  Or what about a succulent meat cut in a red wine reduction sauce with a robust Cabernet Sauvignon? But that’s only the beginning.

Elegant and Welcoming Environment: the final Piece of the Puzzle

Pairing would be incomplete without a proper atmosphere.

At Raices, the atmosphere plays a key role. Located at Hacienda Los Molinos, our restaurant will wrap you in an atmosphere that fuses the rustic style with the contemporary one.  The warm pendant lights, the murals telling stories of wines, and the panoramic views of our landscape will become the ideal backdrop of your dining experience.

Both the sounds of nature and live music will add up magic to the atmosphere while you’re enjoying your meal.  It is the perfect match for a romantic dinner, a family reunion or just a special night.

Elegant and Welcoming Environment

Hacienda Los Molinos: a Haven for Those Who Love the Good Life  

In addition to the restaurant, Hacienda Los Molinos Boutique Hotel provides you with a complete tourist experience.

For those seeking relaxation after a delicious meal, Los Molinos has rooms and exquisitely designed villas inviting you to rest and relax.

During the day, you can explore the magnificent gardens surrounding the Hacienda, enjoy the pleasure of a spa day or take part in the tourist activities available like our Canyon Trail.

Comfortable Accommodations and Food in a Boutique Hotel in Panama

In sum, both Raices and Hacienda Los Molinos Boutique Hotel are not merely a restaurant and a hotel.  They are perfect for your next holiday destination since they are guarantee of good food, adventure and fond memories.

If you are a good-food lover, looking for a place where every detail counts, a place where and food, drinks and atmosphere blend in perfect harmony, Raices should be your next stopover while visiting Panama.  For further information, contact us or make your reservation now.

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