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Are you a lover of a variety of gastronomic treats? If so, Raices Restaurant is your best option.

Have you ever tried a Pacific and Caribbean fusion of flavours on a single dish?  If you haven’t, this is your chance to embark on a culinary adventure across the gastronomic variety of Panama and there is no better place to do it than at  Raices restaurant , located at our de Hacienda los Molinos Boutique Hotel in Boquete.

Why should you visit Raices Restaurant with family and friends?

It is the reflection of the cultural melting pot of Panama

Being the bridge between two continents, Panama has absorbed a great variety of cultural traits, traditions and, of course, flavours.  While eating at Raices Restaurant, you are not only enjoying your food but also savouring history, traditions and the rich multicultural heritage that characterizes this beautiful country.

Native Ingredients and Modern Techniques

What makes this restaurant unique one is the ability to combine Panamanian traditional ingredients with modern culinary techniques.  Some dishes certainly are a symphony of flavours rooted on the Panamanian cuisine with the inclusion of a contemporary twist that will entice your palate.

Unique Location

Located at the heart of Boquete, at Hacienda los Molinos Boutique Hotel, Raices Restaurant will not only provide you with a unique dining experience, but with breath-taking views.

Boquete, which known for its cool climate and mountain scenery, complements to perfection the gastronomic experience with one for all senses.

An Open Invitation

Whether you are a local resident wanting to go deeper into Panama’s gastronomy or a tourist wishing to immerse yourself in the culture of the country, Raices Restaurant will always have something to offer you.  You will always find something new and exciting to try.

variety of gastronomic

Highly-qualified Staff

Behind Raices Restaurant, there is a team made up of passionate chefs and staff members devoted to offer you a culinary experience like no other.  Their deep knowledge of Panama’s gastronomy, combined with a background in international cuisine, is guarantee of exquisite dishes at every visit.

Contact us at (+507) 730-8313/ 6676-0653 if you are planning to visit Boquete, a treasure of flavours and traditions you can discover at the right place: Raices Restaurant.

Whether you’d like to have a romantic dinner, hold a special celebration or just enjoy any of the exquisite entries of our menu, Raices Restaurant will be awaiting you with open arms and delicious food that will make you visit us time and time again. We are waiting for you!

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